I rejoice to announce that we have a new pastor!  At a special congregational meeting held after our worship service on March 26, 2017, we unanimously voted to extend a call to the Rev. Dr. Jane E. Strohl to be the pastor of Community Lutheran Church. Pastor Strohl is a veteran pastor and theologian who will bring several decades of teaching and pastoral experience to our congregation and community. She has held pastorates in Connecticut and Pennsylvania as well as teaching positions in Minnesota and California.

Currently living in Annapolis, MD, Pastor Strohl will be moving into the parsonage along with her cats and dogs.  We look forward to Pastor Strohl joining our community in May.

Phil Cronenwett
Council President

*Minutes of the congregational meeting are available upon request.

The Process of Calling a New Pastor

Community Lutheran Church is at an exciting crossroads. During the Advent Season of 2015, we said goodbye to Pastor Scott Donnelly and his family as he was called to serve a congregation near their family in the Midwest. As we make a transition from one pastor to another, we will follow five major steps under the guidance of the office of the bishop. We are currently the early stages of Step 3. The following steps are excerpted from the New England Synod's webpage:

Step 1 – Saying Goodbye [COMPLETE]

When a pastor announces that he or she will be leaving a congregation, it is natural for there to be a time of grief. We believe taking time to say goodbye, give thanks and hold an appropriate send-off is healthy. Doing this well is important, and sets the stage for the next chapter.

Step 2 – Developing a Profile [COMPLETE]

This step includes the creating of a Ministry Site Profile (MSP) committee. This team of five persons compiles a document that describes the ministry of the congregation. This MSP will be presented to potential candidates as they discern God’s calling for their next chapter in ministry.

Step 3 – Form a Call Committee [COMPLETE]

The church council appoints a call committee of six persons, plus an alternate. This is the committee that will review candidate profiles, called Rostered leader Profiles or RLP, interview and listen to candidate sermons. They will then recommend a final candidate to the council and congregation.

Step 4 – Calling a New Pastor [COMPLETE]

The congregation is the official body that issues the call to a new pastor. This is done at an officially held meeting of the congregation. After the vote, there is often a time of preparation for the new pastor. We suggest using this time to make repairs to parsonages, or assist with local real estate agents, prepare a book of favorite recreational activities or restaurants.

Step 5 – Beginning a new Chapter Together [STARTING SOON]

The first six to twelve months are a time of both congregation and pastor getting to know one another. We believe it is of value to plan together healthy ways to begin a new chapter in the life of a congregation’s ministry.

Additional information is available through the ELCA.

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